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Zara Salmon, Paralegal

Listen to Zara describe a typical day as an apprentice »

Zara Salmon Video

Uswa Shafiq, Apprentice

Listen to Uswa describe a typical day as an apprentice »

Uswa Shafiq


Daniel Martin, Paralegal

"My role with the Personal Injury legal team includes admin duties such as helping to prepare enclosures and briefs.

I achieved good GCSE results and chose to take an apprenticeship as I wanted a more hands on approach to learning.

Undertaking the apprenticeship has helped me to become more independent and develop motivational skills. This will help me to secure a professional role in the future.

My advice to new apprentices is to 'be proactive.'" Contact me »

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Luiza da Costa

Emerging Talent Specialist

Kate Hasluck

Emerging Talent Manager