DWF Loss Adjusting

An expert led loss adjusting service to the insurance market specialising in professional indemnity, construction, building and liability claims.

We provide a multi-disciplinary practice specialising in the investigation and resolution of claims against professional firms and companies and their professional indemnity insurers both in the UK and overseas.

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DWF Loss Adjusing

Such claims occur in a competitive commercial environment and need to be investigated thoroughly so that they can be defended or resolved correctly, with minimum disruption to the insured business and its reputation.

We promote the principle of ‘expert led’ multi-disciplinary investigation.

We promote the principle of ‘expert led’ multi-disciplinary investigation in which initial technical enquiries are undertaken by a lossadjuster with experience and professional qualifications relevant to the claim or profession in question, before legal analysis, if required, by our solicitors at DWF Law.

We provide a multi-disciplinary service for the investigation and resolution of building and construction related claims both in the UK and overseas. We specialise in the investigation and resolution of claims against construction professionals and design & construct contractors and their professional indemnity insurers. However, our skills and knowledge of building and construction also allows us to deal with many other insurance claims such as other professional risks, contractor’s all risks, property and public/products liability. 

The majority of our team of Adjusters are holders of more than one professional qualification, including Chartered Loss Adjuster and Insurer, Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Civil Engineer, Chartered Structural Engineer and Masters in Construction Law. This assures a policyholder and their insurer that the issues are properly understood and that legal and policy liability has been objectively and economically assessed, leading to the early resolution of claims at minimum cost.

Bob Paterson

Global Head of Adjusting