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Managing the complex regulatory and legal framework surrounding a residential development project can be a minefield, costing you time and money.

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Our team of residential property development experts is recognised for leading knowledge across planning, construction and property tax issues, real estate litigation, environmental and finance matters. 

We provide clear direction, supported by sustainable strategies for the future, across site acquisition and disposal, land promotion and option agreements, joint ventures, site assembly, social housing schemes for registered providers, planning and infrastructure agreements, development funding, central government funding and grant schemes, estate documentation (relating to plot sales), individual or portfolio acquisitions and the disposals of dwellings (off plan, new build or otherwise). 

We apply our specialist knowledge and understanding to guide landowners through the land promotion and sales process to enable them to make commercial decisions in negotiations. In these circumstances, we focus on ensuring that they receive the best advice for structuring transactions to be as tax efficient as possible, in relation to their individual capital gains and inheritance tax positions. These transactions often involve numerous landowners who want to act together and who need advice on entering into land pool trusts or other forms of collaboration agreements. 

We understand the need for an energetic response and for decisive, innovative legal solutions presented in an approachable and consistent way. Spanning many years in the industry, we have worked for a number of regional and national house builders and land planning promoters as well as social housing providers. 

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