DWF hosts event to promote equality for its people

To highlight the gap between policy and practice regarding equality and diversity in the workplace, national business law firm DWF has co-hosted an event with Stonewall, a gay equality charity, in line with the legal firm's policy on diversity, equality and inclusion.

The event, held at DWF's Liverpool office, presented the 'What's Trending' report, which analysed the current themes running through Stonewall's Workplace Equality Index (WEI) results. The full index will be published in January 2014.

A range of public and private sector organisations attended the event and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Gary Millar, attended as guest speaker, providing great insight into his civic duties and his business interests, while highlighting the inclusive nature of the city of Liverpool.

According to the Index, while many top 100 entries scored full marks in terms of their policies, numerous organisations fail to adequately promote these policies.

Other key trends include praise for employers with visible role models at both a junior and senior level, as well as organisations providing LGB specific training for employees.

Stonewall's Workplace Equality Index is an annual audit of workplace culture for lesbian, gay and bisexual employees based on submissions from hundreds of employers around Britain, leading to an authoritative Top 100 Employers list. This is the second year that DWF hosted the event in the north of England with the aim of bringing together the LGB community.

To further support the charity and LGB community, DWF offers clients access to an online diversity and inclusion tool that allows employers to provide staff members with internet based modular training. This is designed to help businesses train and monitor their employees' awareness of diversity issues in the workplace.

Alex Gwynne from Stonewall said: "Having high-profile LGB individuals in an organisation builds confidence in lesbian, gay and bisexual people of all ages, so that they can be themselves at work and fulfil their full potential. Strong role models are key to creating an environment where this can happen. While many organisations have policies in place, the best performing employers offered targeted training to their staff on these policies and LGB related issues."

Paul Maddock at DWF said: "Our values shape who we are and what we do, and as a firm we have made great strides in instilling equality and diversity within our workplace. From the creation of an online diversity training tool for our clients, to the launch of an LGB confidential helpline for our people, we think innovatively when it comes to equality and hope to inspire other businesses to do the same.

"Last week's event was a great platform for people to discuss their experiences with Stonewall and how they seek to live their values and assist both LGB members of staff and clients."

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