Govan High School Pupils Look Forward to a 5 STAR Future

Business law firm DWF has brought its innovative 5 STAR Futures development programme to Glasgow to help talented students improve their skills and boost their chances of securing employment.

Following the success of its inaugural scheme in Liverpool and Manchester, the 5 STAR Futures initiative has been brought to Govan High School, Glasgow. The scheme provides students nearing the end of secondary school education with insights into the world of work and a real life context for learning via a series of workshops.

The first 5 STAR workshop took place on Wednesday 15 January at DWF's offices in Glasgow. The session – with S4 pupils – focused on developing workplace behaviours and gave participants the chance to draw learnings from the firm's experts.

Bringing together secretaries, paralegals, receptionists and facilities colleagues as well as partners and associates from across the Glasgow office, the project demonstrates DWF's collaborative approach and commitment to giving students the broadest possible mentorship.

The scheme was developed by DWF lawyer Simon Price, in partnership with schools and other educational institutions, to provide an aspirational learning framework for students.

Simon commented: "As a values-driven law firm, we know it is important to actively support the communities we operate within, and Glasgow is no exception. The 5 STAR Futures programme demonstrates our commitment to the next generation of young professionals and their success and we hope that the pupils from Govan High School will gain real benefit from their time with us.

"In January alone we will be supporting over 130 pupils from across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Preston and London, and we've got over 200 individuals from across our offices signed up to be act as coaches already.

"The programme was launched to meet a genuine requirement by the education sector to find solutions to the challenges it faces, especially that of employment for school leavers. The level of involvement that DWF's education group has in the scheme will enable us to gain valuable insights into the education sector and the issues it must overcome, allowing us to take steps towards finding answers."

Deputy Head Teacher at Govan High School, Kevin Sweeny, added: "Providing our young people with positive role models is a key part of their development and this programme is helping our S4 pupils to develop the skills they'll need for working life. They are getting to experience a professional office setting and throughout the programme will be challenged with ambitious goals to help them develop confidence and flexibility."

David Gilchrist, partner at DWF, commented: "5 STAR Futures is a fantastic opportunity for us to support our local community by working with students at Govan High School to develop their skills and confidence. This isn't just beneficial to the students; it's a great experience for our people at DWF too."