Getting sporty and social with DWF

Here at DWF working well professionally means having a strong, efficient team.  Not just in terms of legal knowledge and excellence.  Not even in terms of uncompromisingly high client service standards.  In terms of the relationships that they have with each other and the ways they can work together.

Of course life isn’t just one big party but we do recognise the professional benefits, to the client, of having a legal service provision team that can work well as a team.  We believe that it’s our job to provide opportunities for our people to build relationships and make friends.  To discover more about the people they work with and form lasting relationships. 

We do this through our sports and social groups.  Based at each office they organise regular events designed to make sure people have fun and get to know each other better.  This means clubs and tournaments – ranging from football, netball and walking through to baking and yoga.  We hold Fridge Fridays and Thirsty Thursdays, where each office has an onsite, monthly social catch up over a drink and a snack.  We have monthly dress down days, plus additional dress down and fancy dress for approved charitable purposes.  We have regular trips to the cinema, theatre and bowling as well as organising events like wine and food tasting, language courses, cupcake making and treasure hunts… and, of course, there’s always the Christmas party.

It’s important to us that our people, whatever their role, feel that we, as a firm, appreciate them and value their place in our time.