Health and Wellbeing at DWF

Recruiting and retaining the best people doesn’t start and end with a pay packet.  We understand the importance of making sure that our people, whether partners, lawyers, graduate trainees, paralegals, support staff or business administration, are healthy and happy.  That means making an effort to support everyone in providing benefits that focus on their health and wellbeing. 

When you work in a big, busy office, like ours, it stands to reason that day-to-day pressures may often mean your sitting behind a desk and grabbing a quick sandwich when you come up for air.  That’s why we offer regular health checks to everyone as well as our health insurance cover.  You can join in our Fit4life health and wellbeing programme – trying everything from running to zumba.  Maybe even take part in Cycle to Work (which also means you have to cycle home again, which is rather more of a challenge) as well as the many departmental charity sporting events and social days.   We run winter health sessions, run self-defence classes and provide panic alarms, especially once the nights draw in.  We offer cancer awareness sessions, both for those concerned about their own health but also that of a loved-one. 

We go beyond just health, however, and want to make sure people are supported in the other areas of life that cause unhappiness and stress.  We run regular financial awareness sessions and even offer an Employee Assistance Programme covering all areas of support, for when things get too much.

Here at DWF, being a great employer means recognising that each employee is a person, with a life – and that means supporting them through all of it… not just the work parts.