DWF launches Academy to enhance career and personal development opportunities

DWF has launched the DWF Academy, a new learning and development initiative designed to enhance and support the career and personal development of its people.

The DWF Academy puts individuals in control of their own career and provides access to tailored training programmes via a bespoke website, meaning learning and development opportunities can be accessed at any time and without prior approval from a line manager. Adopting the concept of 70:20:10 learning the DWF Academy recognises that people learn most effectively through work  experience and centres around the idea that 70 per cent of learning comes through individual experiences, with 20 per cent taking place through coaching, mentoring and networking and 10 per cent through formal training.

Fiona Mills, Director of Talent and Organisation Development at DWF, commented: “We have recognised that the workplace is changing to become a more social, mobile and connected environment and in response to this have changed our approach to learning and development for all of our people. The DWF Academy is in the first stage of its development and already has over 35 courses available, providing flexible and accessible learning opportunities to everyone within the firm.

“We have put our people in control of their own development by providing a range of options, from classroom to online learning and reference materials, to tips on applying their learning back in the workplace and action learning groups, so everyone can create a targeted development plan which they control. This approach empowers individuals to take ownership of their development, whilst enabling us to ensure we’re providing the best support to our people and delivering learning in a faster, more effective and more efficient manner.”

DWF has evolved its learning and development offering to provide more collaborative learning solutions, which will be available at any time, in addition to encouraging greater knowledge sharing across the business and developing greater use of internal networks and collaboration tools such as the firm’s internal social network, Yammer.