DWF wins Best Intranet Brand award at the annual Intranet Excellence Awards

On Wednesday, 15 October DWF won the 'Best Intranet Brand’ award for the intranet ‘rubix’ at the annual ‘Intranet Excellence Awards’.

It is a fantastic achievement for DWF to be recognised for the new employee brand and how it's been implemented in the internal communication channels. The ‘O-team' have been well received internally and externally. The internal brand, values and behaviours helps to define who DWF are and it is what makes DWF unique from other legal businesses. This is a great accomplishment and it has helped us to communicate more effectively, enabling us to ‘go further together’.

DWF had competition from other companies on the night and these are just some of the comments received: “really liked the brand, the ‘O’ people, the culture video” and “the branding is spot on”...“you wouldn’t guess that this intranet is for a Law Firm.”


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