DWF Solicitor Paul Maddock named in the Telegraph's Top 50 LGBT Out at Work List

Paul _Maddock 2

DWF Solicitor, Paul Maddock, has been named in the Telegraph's Top 50 LGBT Out at Work Executives list. Paul founded and Chairs DWF’s LGBT employee network, OutFront and has organised events for them in conjunction with Stonewall. Paul also reviewed the firm’s HR policies to help champion LGBT needs and has written articles on diversity.

The Out at Work & Telegraph Top 50 LGBT Executives list, celebrates those making a difference in the workplace. Unlike other lists it is not a measure of seniority, but on how LGBT employees are going above and beyond to influence change at their companies and beyond.

The Top 50 LGBT Executives In Business list is compiled via public nominations, with each individual considered by a select advisory panel, including Lord Cashman of Limehouse, Lord Guy Black of Brentwood, Mary Portas Government adviser and CCO of Portas, Curt Hess - CFO Barclays, Aongus Hegarty - President Dell, Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe - Head of Diversity & Inclusion Google EMEA  and GLAAD Board Director, Linda Riley, according to key criteria such as:  

  • Impact on business
  • Involvement in internal / external diversity and inclusion events
  • Social influence within the workplace, i.e. educating the wider workforce on LGBT issues
  • Helping policy or legislation on LGBT and inclusion issues
  • Role in inciting change through mentoring
  • Activities outside the workplace to promote LGBT issues

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