Spotlight on James Neale

James Neale tells us why he feels passionately about his involvement as Chair of the CSR Committee in Birmingham and why he thinks it is so important in today’s business world.

James Neale

“Being involved in CSR activities is not just about raising money for charity, which definitely gives you a real buzz, but it is also about making contributions in other ways, such as allowing people to gain insights from your own experiences and the chance to develop and flourish in a safe, fun environment.

I am a big believer in businesses giving back to their local communities. In these challenging economic climates it is harder and more competitive than ever in the workplace and businesses need to provide opportunities to those people in their community. It plays a vital part in allowing people to realise their full potential, no matter what their background may be.

The attributes and skills of the people who work at DWF can be used to make a huge difference and hopefully, through the help people receive on the various CSR-related programmes we run, it will encourage them to give back to their local communities too.

DWF’s CSR activities are normally interactive, entertaining and inspirational. It is incredible to see how quickly people develop through some of our impressive CSR programmes such as 5 STAR Futures and the mentoring scheme with the University of Wolverhampton Law School. You get a real sense of achievement when you see the progress people make and how grateful they are for the opportunities, plus you can learn a lot from the experiences yourself – so I suppose CSR is not only about giving back to your local community but about improving your own people and their skill sets too!

In an increasingly busy world it can be easy to forget about other people, but I think a good CSR programme has to be one of the pillars of any successful business and I would encourage everyone to try and play their part”.

For more information about joining the CSR Committee in Birmingham, please contact James Neale or Gail Taylor, Diversity and Community Engagement Manager.

Gail Taylor

Diversity & Community Engagement Manager

I am the Diversity and Community Engagement Manager at DWF and have worked in the legal profession for 25 years.