Why Volunteer?

Viewpoint from Julia Williams, Chair of the Corporate Responsibility Group in Manchester.


Julia Williams, Chair of the CR Croup in Manchester talks to us about the Manchester CR Group’s achievements, what is important about volunteering and the difference it makes.

From running up hill and down dale to being drenched in ice cold water, from racing through the streets of Manchester, to selling Santa keys and not forgetting that when you are a fashion show compere that “AW” actually stands for autumn winter, these are just a few of the experiences that I have had over the last 15 years volunteering and raising money for charities close to my heart. No doubt many of you will have taken part in much more exciting or challenging charity events that will have touched you personally, whether this is borne out of your own experience or that of a loved one.

It is an amazing thing that people are prepared to give something that costs nothing but that is so precious – their time.

It is a misconception that lending your time and volunteering is not possible with busy schedules. There is a huge amount of resource provided by the likes of Macmillan Manchester to help us in helping them to raise much needed funding. It has been great to see so many of my own team here at DWF step up as willing volunteers for various fundraising activities and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

The generosity of the public is unsurmountable, everyone knows someone who has been touched by illness or difficult times and our time in supporting events and initiatives is as valuable as any donation made.

Over the last two years at DWF the engagement with the Manchester office has been absolutely tremendous. It has been a credit to everyone within the office who has supported our various initiatives and events. We have more than quadrupled our fundraising in this period of time. 

We cannot underestimate what an achievement this is. To see our fundraising calculated into hours of Macmillan care puts into real terms what is happening daily as we are busy with our work/life diaries. It is amazing to think what we do in our spare time to support the various charity initiatives across the firm has such a huge impact – yet still there is more we can do.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to, overcome fears, meet new challenges and achieve the impossible. If you haven’t yet found the time to take part you really are missing out on something extraordinary. Volunteering costs nothing but makes life that bit richer.

I read somewhere recently “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life!” I challenge you to make 2015 the year that’s different and give volunteering a try!

Julia Williams

Partner - Head of Consumer Credit and Asset Finance Sector

I am a Partner and head up the Lender Services Team in Specialist Litigation and our Commercial Legal Support Centre (LSC) which is responsible for delivering process driven legal services differently.

Gail Taylor

Diversity & Community Engagement Manager

I am the Diversity and Community Engagement Manager at DWF and have worked in the legal profession for 25 years.