Aviva to crack down on whiplash fraudsters

Insurer will spend millions fighting spurious claims for compensation

As published in the Financial Mail on Sunday 18 July 2015

Insurance giant Aviva has declared war on whiplash fraudsters with an ambitious plan to spend millions of pounds challenging spurious claims for damages.

The company is aiming to triple the number of whiplash insurance claims it fights in court and it intends to challenge more than 1,000 cases this year alone. The validity of many of the claims will have to be decided by a judge rather than in out-of-court negotiations between legal representatives.

The campaign will cost Aviva in the short term, but it hopes the crackdown will help to kill off the booming industry surrounding fake claims.

Aviva argues that the industry in whiplash claims costs every motorist £93 each year in raised premiums.

A typical whiplash claim could result in a payout of £1,500 to £3,000 and insurers have tended to pay up without much of a fight as the cheaper option since it can cost several times that to go through the courts.

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Nigel Teasdale

Partner - Head of Motor, Fraud, Costs and Claimant Teams

I am Head of the Motor, Fraud, Costs and Claimant teams at DWF and am responsible for the operational delivery of those teams. My background is in dealing with motor claims, particularly large loss.