Innovation in law firms – where is it?

Firms that let talented, tech-savvy thinkers go are losing out to New Law upstarts that are deploying hard-core R&D to break down barriers.

As published in The Lawyer 29th June 2015

In the past 24 hours I have attended three meetings, each with someone who had been a senior member of a top 20 law firm (two were partners and the other was a senior business manager). They had each left their respective firm to develop software products they believe will be attractive to law firms, given the increasing client pressure they are facing and also the pace of change. These are good products that I can see being built into law firms' infrastructure and/or offerings.

This got me thinking. Why hadn't they been able to develop their products within, and with, their firms? Why do we tend to see so little innovation - outside of innovative solutions to legal problems - from law firms?

Internal drive

About five years ago, I first became interested in how lawyers deliver services to clients and how we might re-engineer delivery models. I was struck by how little our day-to-day practice had changed over the years: a PC, a BlackBerry, an iPad, but where was the real innovation in the sector?

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Andrew Chamberlain

Partner - Head of Employment & Chair of the SDE

I am a Partner, the National Head of the Employment Team and the Chair of the Service Delivery Executive (SDE), which is focused on building better solutions for clients.