Elaine Fletcher comments on - Data centre location will be dictated by strict regulations

Cloud has been touted as the path to easing IT operations and data storage, but increasingly stringent and region-specific data regulations are hampering its easy adoption.

Elaine Fletcher comments on - Data centre location will be dictated by strict regulations - published in V3 Magazine 16 October 2015

The EU Court of Justice recently declared the EU-US Safe Harbour framework invalid, thereby preventing the transfer of data from European data centres to those in the US, so cloud coverage and the location of the data centres supporting it is about to become more important.

Elaine Fletcher, director at law firm DWF, explained that the ruling will muddy the waters for companies providing cloud platforms and their customers.

"This ruling creates a great deal of uncertainty for almost any business that transfers data, particularly where this involves a cloud-based [service]," she said.

"But organisations must act swiftly to show they are taking the security of data they hold on customers and their data protection rights seriously and proactively identify how far their current contracts with customers go on this. There are alternative options available to them, but these may be harder to implement."

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Elaine Fletcher


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