Dominic Watkins comments on - Trade talks could force European regimes to lower standards

A major trade deal between the US and the EU could leave European negotiators with the choice of lowering food standards, or being priced out of the market.

Dominic Watkins comments on - Trade talks could force European regimes to lower standards - published in Agrimoney 16 October 2015

Dominic Watkins, head of law firm DWF's food group, told a conference that a liberalization of trade without regulatory convergence would leave the EU facing higher compliance costs than the US, leaving it hard to compete with US products.

"If trade liberalized without regulatory convergence EU would face higher costs of complying with EU law," said Mr Watkins.

Key markets

Negotiations are ongoing for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The deal is designed to encourage trade between the EU and the US, the world's richest and second richest political entities respectively.

The US is the EU's largest agricultural market, and its second largest source of food imports.

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Dominic Watkins

Partner - Head of Food Group

I am Head of DWF’s internationally renowned food sector group as well as being Head of Regulatory in London.