DWF retains 'Proud to be Clear Assured' status

DWF retains Proud to be Clear Assured statusLegal business DWF is the only UK law firm to achieve and retain its 'Proud to be Clear Assured' status, reinforcing the firm's commitment to inclusive recruitment. 

The nationally recognised benchmark helps employers create an inclusive tailor-made recruitment process and identify and remove barriers which have the potential to exclude disabled people.

DWF was recognised again for its commitment to diversity, ensuring a fully inclusive recruitment process is offered, and also for the use of ClearTalents(™) In Recruitment, a tool designed to guarantee applicants are provided with the best possible opportunity to succeed with their application and beyond, into their employment journey. This includes the firm's focus on offering work experience opportunities for candidates with disabilities.

Kate Headley, Development Director at The Clear Company, said: "Clear Company are delighted to announce that through continued commitment, DWF have maintained their Clear Assured, Proud to Be status. DWF remain focused on ensuring their recruitment processes are welcoming, supportive and above all free from any barriers to the disabled talent pool. DWF are leading by example, the whole team should be very proud of their continued efforts to put practical measures in place to attract and retain disabled talent."

Tyrone Jones, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement at DWF, said: "We are extremely proud to have maintained our Clear Assured status. It's very important to us as a firm to make sure we are fully inclusive in our recruitment processes and this recognition demonstrates our commitment to recruit and retain the best available talent operating in a diverse and inclusive environment."

Tyrone Jones

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement

An award winning CSR/Diversity specialist my work is built around embedding DWF's values and behaviours to create a culture that supports our strategic direction as a top 20 business law firm, generating value for the business, a great experience for clients and a great place to work for our people.