DWF calls for greater collaboration to counter insurance fraud in Scotland

DWF's Scottish Counter Fraud team held its first ‘Disrupt to Progress’ Forum in Glasgow on 20th April to discuss ways of combating the growing threat of insurance fraud in Scotland. Attending the event were key personnel from IFED, The ABI, Police Scotland, Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), the Forum of Scottish Claims Managers (FSCM) and The Law Society of Scotland. 

Lorraine Carolan, DWF’s National Head of Counter Fraud, chaired the forum. It brought together, for what is believed to be the first time, a senior group of insurers, industry bodies and law enforcement agencies in Scotland. The group’s main topic of discussion was how a collaborative approach could better disrupt market fraud. Also on the agenda were organised fraud trends, utilising data to pro-actively disrupt, ghost broking, police collaboration to drive intelligence, financial compliance and greater collaboration with the Government on future reforms. 

Speaking at the Forum, Jill Sinclair, DWF’s Head of Counter Fraud in Scotland said:

"The purpose of today's forum is part of a vision we have to break barriers and promote collaboration across the industry.  All attendees had different experiences, exposures and knowledge to bring to the table. The hope is we will create an environment that will encourage information sharing crucial to tackling fraudsters and their enablers at source."

Stephen Dalton, Head of Intelligence at the IFB said:

"The industry has made significant strides in data sharing to combat insurance fraud. Closer collaboration and intelligence sharing is the most effective way to identify and disrupt organised cross industry fraudsters. DWF becoming a member of the IFB through the new Affiliate Model is an important step in developing a truly holistic counter-fraud strategy that encompasses the insurance industry’s trusted supply chain in that effort."

Oliver Little, Det. Chief Inspector of the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department, City of London Police said:

“Fraudsters give no consideration to jurisdiction boundaries and are able to rapidly evolve to exploit gaps that are opened up by competition and complexity in the insurance marketplace.  Countering the threat and managing that risk is in the interests of all the players, from insurers, regulators and law enforcement, and to the huge benefit of wider society.  Collaboration is central to strengthening the fight against insurance fraud; it drives the innovation we need to respond.  IFED are happy to support this.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland advised that:

"Police Scotland (Economic Crime Unit West) was delighted to take part in the DWF Disrupt to Progress Fraud Forum.  It is the first time we have collaborated directly with solicitors in Scotland with regard to insurance fraud and the forum allowed us to engage with key players in the insurance industry to advise them what evidence is necessary for fraud prosecutions.  We are keen to continue to work with DWF and insurers to combat fraud."

Alastair Ross, Head of Public Policy for Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland at the Association of British Insurers concluded:

“The big victims of insurance fraud are the honest customers who see their premiums increase because organised criminal gangs making illegal claims are breaking the law and pushing up the cost of motor, property and other insurance products. The ABI supports all efforts to disrupt insurance fraud in Scotland.”

Lorraine Carolan

Partner - National Head of Counter Fraud

I am the National Head of Counter Fraud and a Partner in the Insurance team based in Birmingham


Jill Sinclair

Partner - Head of Counter Fraud (Scotland)

I am Head of Counter Fraud in Scotland and a Partner based in the Insurance team in Glasgow.