A Future without Warehouses and Trucks?

DWF Germany recently attended an event hosted by the California German American Business Association.

Head of Technology, Klaus Brisch was on the panel to discuss how "3D printing" is revolutionizing the world.

"3D Printing" (Additive Manufacturing) and "Smart Manufacturing" (internet or network connected and computer controlled manufacturing equipment and processes) in general are currently revolutionizing entire industries. A process often referred to as the "4th Industrial Revolution" or "Industry 4.0". Real time data feedback from sensors in manufacturing processes has already enabled new levels of efficiency.

A Future without Warehouses and Trucks

But the smart factory of the future will generate and use a staggering flow of information, allowing realtime insight into production timing, conditions, and risks. Manufacturers will be challenged to learn from their data not only to gain an edge in production, but to develop adaptive complementary options and services for their products, generating new revenue streams.

3D Printing is also upending conventional wisdom on the supply side. Rather than mass produce, store and ship a tangible product, "manufacturers" of the future may develop designs, technology, and know how that enable their customers to make customized products onsite, in real time, as needed. The information (data) becomes the product being sold. Imagine the more warehouses, no more trucks.

Both, Smart Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing are growing exponentially, requiring exponential growth also in creative strategies.

More than ever, this new era requires you to "disrupt yourself"before someone else does!

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Klaus M. Brisch, LL.M. (USA)

Partner - Head of Technology - Certified Attorney in Information Technology

I advise on complex, national and international IT projects, including those focused on outsourcing and migration, technology-based transactions, compliance, IT security, data protection and privacy.