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The GDPR and Retailing

Consent, profiling & disruptive technologies

Join us for a 1 day conference hosted by DWF and presented by the Information Commisioner's office

Key issues covered

  • The impact of the EU Data Protection Regulation, Brexit and the ongoing revision of the EU e-Privacy Directive
  • The implications of tracking and profiling customers cross-device and online/offline
  • Disruptive technologies in the retail sector

The cost of the conference is £250.00 plus VAT

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09.00 Registration


09.30 Welcome

John Benjamin, Partner, DWF LLP

Stewart Dresner, Chief Executive, Privacy Laws & Business


09.35 Introduction

The impact of Brexit and the

EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Priorities for online and offline retailing

Update on the revision of the EU e-Privacy Directive and its relationship with the EU Data Protection Regulation

Elaine Fletcher, Director, DWF LLP

Stewart Dresner, Chief Executive, Privacy Laws & Business


10.15 Consents under the GDPR:

What do you need to consider and how effective will your consents be in practice? Cookies, behavioural advertising and mobile devices

Preparing for explicit consent: testing wording for each channel and winning better response rates

How consent optimisation can improve customer relationships and enhance campaign performance

Questions and Answers

Valerie Taylor, Consultant, Privacy Laws & Business

David Cole, Managing Director, fast.MAP


11.00 Tea/Coffee


11.30 Life in the Physical and Digital Worlds

The DP implications of tracking customers cross-device and on/offline


The limits to targeting consumers’ spending habits

Data accuracy: the challenge of identifying customers

Questions and Answers

Matthew Gaunt, Marketing Director, Wickes

Valerie Taylor, Consultant, Privacy Laws & Business


12.15 ICO Keynote: Helping online and offline retailers prepare for data protection reform: The Information Commissioner’s perspective

Latest on impact of Brexit (if any) for the retail sector

Impact of the GDPR on online and offline retailing

The reformed EU ePrivacy Directive

Guidance from the EU Art. 29

DP Working Party relevant to retailing

Any changes of approach from the new Commissioner which are relevant to retailing

Examples of the ICO’s audits/inspections/ enforcement action in the retail sector

Garreth Cameron, Group Manager, Business and Industry, Information Commissioner’s Office


12.35 Questions and Answers


13.00 Lunch


14.00 How are organisations preparing for the GDPR? An opportunity for participants to share their experience in roundtable discussions



Subject access


Questions and Answers

All conference participants


14.45 Disruptive technologies in the retail sector, and some of the challenges they pose for responsible retailers

iBeacons, virtual reality, facial recognition etc.

Ethical and privacy concerns

Buying in new technology – due diligence and vendor relationships

Questions and Answers

Dominic Stinton, Partner, Twice Reply

Cyrus New, Associate Partner, Data Reply


15.30 Tea/Coffee


15.45 Handling data protection challenges

Security breaches: how to respond and how to prevent them

Learning from the experience of Others e.g. smart payments

Subject Access Requests that make your life a misery

Questions and Answers

Andreas Klug, Global Head of Privacy and Group Privacy Officer, Worldpay

John Benjamin, Partner, DWF LLP


16.30 Dealing with the downside – when to litigate?

Sharing customer data to combat fraud

Addressing employee fraud

Data breaches by employees

Experience from recent case law

Questions and Answers

Timothy Pitt-Payne, QC, 11KBW


17.15 Any other questions and conclusions


17.30 Close

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