Procurement and Competition Training for Commissioners and Providers

Changes to the procurement and competition landscape in the NHS, especially after the issue, withdrawal and reissue of the Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition Regulations (the "Regulations") have caused controversy. Nearly a year after their introduction, the Regulations continue to provoke comment, as the recent joint HSJ and DWF survey results show. Monitor is already investigating several alleged breaches of the Regulations and has also published substantive guidance on the Regulations. A number of mergers have been reviewed under the Competition legislation.

In order to help you to navigate your way through this complex area, we have put together a training session which is aimed at Commissioners and Providers and which seeks to:

  • Provide a clear view of the current procurement and competition regime and how it affects your business.
  • Consider the practical implications of the new regulations for both Commissioners and Providers and how they are likely to affect the relationships between the two.
  • Discuss the issues and challenges as well as the opportunities that are presented by the Regulations.
  • Identify the compliant behaviours your organisation should adopt.

As part of this, we will also take into account the draft procurement, choice and competition guidance issued recently by Monitor for consultation which allows us to factor in Monitor’s likely interpretation of compliance and how Monitor will approach questions of compliance.

The training can be provided in a morning or afternoon session at your premises and can involve interaction with attendees (as we know that nobody finds being spoken at by a lawyer for several hours a particularly attractive prospect...).

It can also be adapted to fit the specific issues the audience would like to cover.

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Delegates who have attended the training have made the following comments:

“Very useful - I can tell I have a greater understanding of the issues”

“Helpful in assisting us to navigate through a complex area”

“Excellent - Straightforward delivery and content”

This information is intended as a general discussion surrounding the topics covered and is for guidance purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. DWF is not responsible for any activity undertaken based on this information.