Online Bribery Training

DWF are launching an online bribery training course.  The Bribery Act 2010 requires businesses to have in place adequate procedures for the prevention of bribery.  Without these, companies are potentially open to prosecution for the offence of failing to prevent bribery if any of their staff are involved in the payment of bribes.  This offence carries an unlimited fine and would inevitably do untold commercial damage to an organisation’s reputation.

An important element of being able to demonstrate adequate procedures is showing that the workforce have been adequately trained to recognise bribery, understand the procedures in place to prevent it, and have been assessed to ensure that they are competent to do so.

DWF are launching a generic online bribery training course which will enable employers to train their staff in a sophisticated and modern setting without the necessity for voluminous paper based training materials.  The system will produce a certificate for all of those who take the course, as evidence of completion which will be crucial in the event of an investigation.  Finally, the system provides comfort that the training has been drafted with the benefit of legal expertise and therefore reflects current best practices.


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