Highways: will the pledge of more funding 'fill' the pothole gap?

Months of severe weather has led to deterioration in the condition of a large number of roads. Combine this with Council warnings of a £10.5 billion 'backlog' of road repairs and it should come as no surprise that a recent survey by The Sunday Telegraph revealed a huge rise in the number of pothole claims last year.

What will come as a surprise however is that the same survey revealed a decrease in the sums paid out with the average driver receiving just a sixth of the sum given to owners of cars damaged by potholes in 2012.

The Government has announced a further £140 million in funding to local authorities to help carry out the necessary repairs following one of our wettest winters. Councils have been warning for a while that they have been denied the means to do little more than a patch up job on deteriorating roads. The money was simply not being provided for proper resurfacing works to be carried out. This 'false economy' leads to the vicious cycle of a limited patch up job not lasting, leading to a further incident and a claim and another patch up job becoming necessary.

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