Working party produces first fruits of its labours

Following the challenge of giving evidence to the Transport Select Committee in June last year on the cost of insurance set against the backdrop of whiplash claims, it was clear to me that there were a couple of key areas that the Committee continued to be troubled by and which needed to be addressed, namely:

  • the problem of fraudulent exaggeration in whiplash claims; and
  • the quality of the medical evidence served in whiplash claims

In an effort to address those issues and the concerns around whiplash claims generally, the Ministry of Justice formed a working party in January this year. That group have now produced draft rules for the consideration of key stakeholders and the wider industry and the MoJ have now issued their consultation on the drafts. Clearly there was pressure on the working party to produce something before the summer recess which might explain why the rules are still something of a work in progress. The government’s aim is to have the initial rules agreed by 4 July and implemented by October and there is more hard work to be done if those deadlines are to be met.

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Nigel Teasdale

Partner - Head of Motor, Fraud, Costs and Claimant Teams

I am Head of the Motor, Fraud, Costs and Claimant teams at DWF and am responsible for the operational delivery of those teams. My background is in dealing with motor claims, particularly large loss.