Predicting changes in claims volumes and latest portal data

Friday afternoon saw the release of the portal data for last month. As we look in these changing times for signs of future claims trends, what can be taken from this release of data as sign posts to the future?

Motor claims and overall claims volumes

We continue to use the RTA stats as the most reliable data currently released from a central source as providing pointers not only of motor trends, but of overall claims trends because of the maturity of data. On that basis, the figure for new RTA claims submitted to the portal this month is interesting. It's 67,000, or in other words a 3,000 increase from April. And this time the increase can't be explained because of a need to tweak figures for a shorter working month, as in both May and the previous month of April, there were the same number of working days albeit a lower level than for most months. Each of those two months included two Bank Holidays so reducing the number of working days to 20. In other words, we can do a like-for-like comparison between April and May, and result is that there is an increase of 3,000 claims.

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Simon Denyer


I am the Strategic Legal Development Partner within the Insurance team.