Global watch: equality issues in Russia remain an enigma

Rights that are viewed as commonplace in most EU states have not been adopted in Russia. We take a look at the current status of equality issues in Russia in light of the 2013 propaganda laws.

The Russian labour market remains in a period of uncertainty following the global financial crisis and the political and economic instability affected by the Ukrainian crisis. Capital flight within the first three months of 2014 was approximately 60 million USD while the Russian stock market contracted by around 20%. This capital flight has been significantly more concerning since growth within the Russian economy has remained slow since 2011/2012 while inflation is high and the labour market is tight.

The Russian model of labour relations is entirely unique. Rights that are viewed as commonplace in most EU member states have not been adopted. Principles such as freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining and anti-discrimination issues are not the bedrock of the relationship between employer and employee.

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