Scottish Independence - A closer look at Employment Issues

As we approach September 18 – the date of the Scottish independence referendum – the position of employment within Scotland remains uncertain. If there is a Yes vote, an independent Scotland will need to elect a new government; there is no way of knowing which party, if any, will gain a majority, and thus we can’t be sure which party will be in a position to decide future employment policy.

In the light of this uncertainty, we have identified a number of issues to be aware of. Because we work extensively both with and within Scotland, these issues are at the forefront of our minds. Clients can be reassured that we are ready to help and advise without political bias, offering them solutions that anticipate and respond to the changing situation.

We await further information being put forward by the Scottish government, but at present, the proposals suggest that there will not be significant changes to employment law in Scotland. However, they will seek to reverse some of the changes which the current UK coalition government have put in place.

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