Food, Retail & Hospitality Regulatory Update 16 November 2014

We have used a traffic light system to sort the week’s regulatory developments in order of importance: Important updates, Developments to watch and For your information, so you don’t have to.

Proposal to radically increase corporate manslaughter, safety and food safety fines

The proposal sets out how the seriousness of the offence should be determined and creates a matrix of potential fine levels. 

  • The “starting points” for breaches which had a risk of death are between £500k and £4m (depending on seriousness).
  • The actual fine may be considerably higher (upper boundary set at £10m but may be considerably higher for companies with turnovers over £50m).  
  • For corporate manslaughter the starting points are £5m and £7.5m depending on seriousness.
  • By comparison, current starting points are £100k for a fatal safety case – i.e. death occurred not just a risk - and £500k for corporate manslaughter.

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