Retail, Food and Hospitality Regulatory Update 25 October 2015

Call for Government action to reduce sugar intake

Public Health England has published a detailed review of the evidence surrounding sugar and obesity and has published a report calling on Government to act in eight areas.

Revised Dietary Reference Values for copper and iron

The European Food Safety Authority has published detailed Scientific Opinions recommending revised dietary intake levels for iron and copper based on population group.

More UK applications for EU protected food name status

DEFRA have published details of applications for protected designation of origin status for Welsh Cider, London Cure Smoked Salmon and Conwy Mussels

EU rejects health claim applications

Continuing to take a rigorous approach to evidence of effect, the EU Commission has rejected a range of health claims this week, including in respect of oligosaccharides and inulin, Streptococcus Thermophilus, Oligoglactosaccharide and indeed even in respect of dried prunes and bowel function.

Named and shamed

BIS has published details of 113 businesses not meeting rules on payment of the minimum wage.

Maximum residue limit for guazatine reduced

EU Regulation 2015/1910 has reduced the maximum residue level for the pesticide used on citrus skins to 0.05mg/kg.

Video links covered by audiovisual media services directive

The European Court of Justice has ruled that media websites which link to online video clips fall within the requirements of the audiovisual media services directive..

The European Communities (Spirits Drinks) Regulations 2015 come into force

The Spirits Regulation will provide greater protection to consumers and producers, with the changes set to bring in more protection for certain Irish spirits.

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