Retail, Food and Hospitality Regulatory Update 4 October 2015

Citizens must know if their data is to be shared

The EU Court of Justice has ruled that it was illegal for the tax and health insurance Ministries in Romania to share citizens data without the citizens having been advised first.

Wales says no to GM crops

The Welsh Assembly Government has stated that it will seek to apply EU rules enabling it to ban the growing of GM Crops in Wales.

Government devolves powers

The Treasury has announced agreement of a devolution deal with Local Authorities in the ‘Sheffield City Region’. Under the agreement a range of powers will be devolved providing an elected mayor is put in place. A further 37 devolution deals based on local proposals are under consideration in what is heralded as the biggest shake up of Local Government powers in a generation.

Gambling changes

The Gambling Commission has issued a consultation on changes to licence conditions to keep crime out of gambling – closing date 30 December.The Gambling Commission has also issued revised Guidelines for Local Authorities.

Negative reaction to standard licence conditions

The Association of Convenience Stores and the British Beer and Pub Association have both responded negatively to the Institute of Licensing Consultation, recommending a pool of model conditions.

Views sought on Chia Seeds

The FSA Avisory Committee on Novel Foods and processes has produced an opinion on Chia seeds as a novel food. The FSA has issued this for a very short consultation - closing date 9 October.

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