Retail, Food and Hospitality Regulatory Update 13 March 2016

In this week's edition:

Rare burgers - yes - but it’s not simple: The FSA has issued a consultation on detailed guidance for Local Authorities and Food Business Operators on the safeguards necessary for the sale of rare burgers. View »

Primary Authority simplification and extension: The Better Regulation Delivery Office has published a detailed response to its discussion document on simplifying and extending Primary Authority. View »

Statutory guidance on duty of care for waste published:  DEFRA has published detailed guidance setting out the responsibilities of businesses for waste arising within the supply chain. View »

ASA rule 'retail price' means RRP: In a case involving Splendor and what was intended to be a price comparison with a previous price, the Advertising Standards Authority has held that the use of the words 'retail price’ associated with a cross out price means that the price referred to is a recommended retail price and not the sellers previous price. View »

Limits to protection of design ideas: The Supreme court has ruled in the case of a dispute over the Community Registered Design of a ride-on suitcase for children that protection only extended to the particular design of suitcase, and not to the idea of a ride on suitcase for children itself. View »

Consultation on the safety of cosmetic ingredients: Following action by the Swedish Government re HEMA and Urethane Acrylate ingredients in nail varnish, EU Dg Growth is consulting to get the views of other Member States and Businesses. View »

Counting the cost of regulatory burdens: The Government’s independent Regulatory Policy Committee has published its first assessment of progress towards achieving it’s £10 Bn burden reduction target. View »

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