Retail, Food and Hospitality Regulatory Update 21 March 2016

In this week's edition:

Obesity battle commences: In what is likely to be a prelude to further unappetising ideas for the food sector when the Childhood Obesity Strategy is finally published, the budget announced the introduction of a soft drinks levy from April 2018. It will apply to products containing over 5g per 100g of sugar and with a higher levy rate applying to products with over 8g per 100ml sugar. Reactions to the announcement have been swift. View »

20% food and drink waste reduction by 2025: The DEFRA Waste and Resources Action plan has launched a new ambitious plan to reduce greenhouse emissions and waste in the food sector by 20% by 2025.  The Food Standards Agency are represented on the steering board for the initiative which has received immediate endorsement from food, licensed trade and retail organisations. View »

Call for Licensing Act changes: The Local Government Association has called for the power to set licensing fees locally to ensure costs are recovered and also for Public Health to be included as a licensing objective following a report by the Institute of Alcohol Studies. View »

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Hilary Ross

Executive Partner (London) - Head of Retail, Food & Hospitality

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