The game is up

Last June, the MoJ indicated that it would carry out a review as to how MedCo was operating. The review, which the MoJ said it would it was always going to carry out, was brought forward due to the gaming of the system by MROs that was witnessed. Having completed their review, the MoJ have today announced that, amongst other changes, they intend to alter the composition of the search offer, so that two Tier 1 and ten Tier 2 MROs will be provided. Nigel Teasdale, MedCo Director and DWF Motor and Fraud Head, looks at the MoJ’s announcement, which hopefully will bring some of the abuses to an end.

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Nigel Teasdale

Partner - Head of Motor, Fraud, Costs and Claimant Teams

I am Head of the Motor, Fraud, Costs and Claimant teams at DWF and am responsible for the operational delivery of those teams. My background is in dealing with motor claims, particularly large loss.