Retail, Food and Hospitality Regulatory Update 15 January 2017

In this week's edition:

The future look of UK regulators: The Cabinet Office has published a detailed paper on the future practices of regulators. The policy direction is towards ‘regulated self-assurance’ and ‘earned recognition’ coupled with fuller cost recovery, aiming to cut regulator costs by recouping a further £500m from business and also cutting regulator costs through data sharing and other initiatives by 11%. View »

Crack down on corporate criminality: The Ministry of Justice has launched a consultation on potential ways to strengthen the ability to attach criminal responsibility to companies by addressing the identification rule. Ideas include broadening the scope of directing mind, greater use of vicarious and direct strict liability and a failure to protect concept.
Closing date 24 March. View »

‘Shared society’ concept: The Prime Minister has published a range of information on her vision for a ‘shared society’, including the responsibilities of businesses to deliver in sharing the benefits from growth and development more widely. View »

Overseas online retailers under the spotlight on VAT: The National Audit Office has launched an investigation looking at the risk of VAT evasion by online retailers based overseas. View »

£1000 per EU employee post Brexit: Business organisations have reacted to a suggestion by the Immigration Minister that a charge of a £1000 per EU employee per year might apply post Brexit. View »

Raft of EFSA opinions published: The European Food Safety Agency has published opinions on the following:

  • Safety of Tungsten Oxide as a food contact material. 
  • Rejecting an increase in MRL for pencycuron for potatoes. 
  • Approving extension of use of feed additive Saccharomyces cerevisiae to poultry. 
  • Evaluation of MRL’S for deltamethrin in celery, fennel and rhubarb. 
  • Safety of Lactobacillus plantarum as a silage improver. 
  • Increasing MRL’s for spirotetramat in pomegranates and root tuber vegetables. 
  • Continued use of a flavour modifying compound. View »

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