Retail, Food and Hospitality Regulatory Update 14 May 2017

In this week's edition:

ASA advertising guidance on ‘cure, treat and relieve symptoms claims’: The Advertising Standards Authority has issued guidance on the conditions and substantiation necessary to support hayfever and other claims including for herbal remedies and therapies. View >

European Parliament to debate food waste reduction proposals: The European parliament is to debate proposals put forward by a member to reduce EU food waste by 50% by 2030. In advance of the debate, the European Parliament has published an infographic detailing food waste in each member state. This parliament initiative includes proposals for changes to application of date coding. View >

Public Health England restructures focus on ‘health improvement’: Public Health England has announced creation of a new ‘Health Improvement directorate’ which will be responsible for alcohol, diet and obesity amongst other areas. The directorate is to be led by John Newton.View >

New rules on tobacco and vaping in force 20 May: The Chartered Trading Standards Institute has commented on new rules banning 10 pack size, plain packaging and detailed rules around vaping products. The Association of Convenience Stores has called for greater powers for Trading Standards to tackle illicit salesView > View >

EU technical regulation:

  • Decision on UK protective measures for Lancashire Avian flu outbreak. 2017/819 > 
  • Approve kieselguhr, silicon dioxide as a biocidal product. 2017/794 > 2017/795 > 
  • Approves Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB24 as a plant protection product. 2017/806 > 
  • Renews approval of flazasulfuron as a plant protection product. 2017/805 > 
  • Rejecting PHMB as a biocidal product. 2017/802 > 
  • Approves dichlofluanid as a biocidal product. 2017/796 > 

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