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My Expertise

I deal with all aspects of insurance litigation including insurance disputes, product liability, professional indemnity, financial litigation, catastrophic injury and large loss claims, as well as debt recovery, employers and public liability and commercial disputes surrounding contracts and associated risk management issues.

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I have significant experience negotiating, settling and running cases, from District through to High Court levels.  I am a member of the Dublin Solicitors’ Bar Association Litigation Committee and, in 2014, organised a very successful (and over subscribed) seminar entitled Personal Injury Update:  How to prosecute and defend claims involving subjective injuries.

Examples of recent claims include:

  • Claims involving tax advices.
  • Claims against architects and engineers for loss, damage and expense suffered, sustained and incurred by parties by reason of the negligence and/or breach of duty and/or breach of contract and/or breach of covenant on the part of the professional, its servants and/or agents.
  • Claims against Managing Agents for failing to maintain common areas, resulting in injuries.
  • Catastrophic injuries involving minors.
  • Significant objective and subjective injuries involving Claimant’s with no insight into their injuries.
  • Workplace accidents, including farm accidents leading to amputation; slip and falls and Occupier Liability claims.
  • Fatal injuries; shoulder dystopia and perineal tears.
  • Surgical injuries, such as retention of surgical products and ureter and kidney damage following a hysterectomy.