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My Expertise

I have over 30 years’ experience of defending employers’ and public liability and insurance fraud claims for the insurance industry.

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I have a genuine enthusiasm for engaging with people to produce excellent results for clients.  I work hard to get the best results for my clients.  My fluency in French and German has enabled me to engage effectively and develop positive relationships with the insured in international matters.  In Germany I recently managed a complex case where an insured client’s product was alleged to be at fault for a fatal accident.  I also represented a client in Holland where a product liability claim for damages was brought as a result of a faulty product manufactured in Holland but used in the UK.

My work has taken me from the world of parachuting to manufacturing (and product liability claims) to fatal accidents and trips and slips.  From passive smoking to striking out cases for non-compliance following the Mitchell case law.  I actively promote Alternative Dispute Resolution in appropriate cases, to ensure economic solutions to legal problems.