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My Expertise

I focus on regulatory compliance and defence for the food, retail & hospitality sectors; I help clients launch and maintain products on the market. I also focus on developments in renewable energy.

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Drawing on my in-house experience, I deliver commercial solutions to complex regulatory issues.  My work is split into three key areas - food, safety and brand protection, including all types of trading standards work. 

Food law is incredibly diverse - from launching products in multiple member states to judicially reviewing the Department of Health to keep clients’ products on the market to food safety prosecutions.  I was heavily involved in advising on the horsemeat scandal and have a deep interest in supply chain management.

Safety work includes litigation including corporate manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter cases through to retail fatalities and serious injuries.  I also have wide experience of auditing safety management systems from those associated with store revamps through to the safety of windfarms. 

Brand protection work is focused on higher risk advertising in particular comparative campaigns and price claims.  I have been seconded to Sainsbury's, Tesco, Marks and Spencer and Danone, during my career (most of which more than once).   This experience allows me to understand key industry issues and, importantly the client’s needs.  This is particularly important when handling crisis situations, for example during my significant involvement in representing and advising clients in the horsemeat scandal. 

Although based in the UK my practice is global.  I have advised on the launch of new retailer stores and the adaption of UK policies to become compliant in the Netherlands (covering safety, trading law and alcohol licensing) as well as Netherlands based website delivery.  I have advised on food launches in over a dozen member states simulateously and product recalls in Germany as well as providing support for the launch of cosmetics products across UAE.

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