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My Expertise

As an Associate I have over 12 years’ experience in State aid and public funding, particularly European Funding.

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My particular interest is large infrastructure and research projects, in terms of eligibility, commercialisation, residual value, incentive effect, conventional counterfactual analysis, aid intensity and the calculation of aid under the environment aid guidelines. I've been involved in several landmark regeneration projects, some of them requiring full EC notifications for State aid and major ERDF projects. I've successfully defended projects against State aid challenges and adverse audits, particularly in ERDF and FP7 cases. My regeneration experience includes all forms of transport infrastructure, regional development, financial engineering instruments, land remediation, skills, broadband, housing, R&D and heritage.

I've advised on ERDF eligibility, match, intervention, irregularities, audits, revenue generating projects, disposal or change of ownership/use, claw backs, irregularities and funds (like JESSICA, JEREMIE).

Additionally I'm involved in developing Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulation publication schemes, drafting of refusal notices, conduct of reviews and negotiations with the information commissioner's office for a number of higher education, further education and local authorities.

A list of my publications includes:

  • State aid and Procurement in PPPs – Two faces of a single coin? (EPPPL 3/2007 p.141)
  • The Changing Regulatory Framework for Local Authority SPVs in England (EPPPL 4/2007 p.230)
  • Tax Harmonisation and State aid – A warning for the future (EStAL 2/2007 p.257)
  • Case Report Belgium and Forum 187 v Commission (EStAL 4/2007 p.732)
  • Is JESSICA the holy grail of urban regeneration? (EPPPL 3/2010 p.165)
  • Is ERDF a poisoned chalice? The Bay Issue 42 April 2013 p.107