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My Expertise

I am experienced in volume Consumer Credit Act (CCA) collections and recoveries for major commercial clients with a specialism in motor finance and in managing and developing large teams carrying out volume and process driven work.

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I am responsible for all operational aspects of implementing client work, operational performance, service delivery and excellence and ensuring that regulatory and compliance requirements are adhered to at all times. I am responsible for the analysis and delivery of Management Information (MI) for performance related objectives for our clients. Through my work I have developed a core expertise in the development of bespoke case management workflows, and process mapping of work tasks generally, product development, devising new service lines and in commoditised working practices. DWF Conforma, (our eLearning suite covering FCA regulatory drivers such as TCF, CCA Complaints handling and Mental Health & Vulnerability) was created from an idea to deliver services differently to our clients but enabling them to meet the ever demanding regulatory changes in an innovative fresh way.

This means that I can offer direct, relevant strategic advice on collections and recoveries and relevant FCA compliance, as well as providing internal and external team training on motor finance collections and recoveries, process and procedures with a slant on the regulatory environment and compliance requirements.

I am passionate about change and innovation and about the people in my teams with focus on discovering and nourishing talent and supporting alternative routes to qualification.  Working with our Service Delivery Executive on delivering legal services differently I now head the commercial division of our Legal Support Centre (LSC) centrally managed and located in Manchester, delivering legal support work across the commercial services division to the firm nationally. 

I chair our Manchester Office's Corporate Social Responsibility Group and fundraising committee supporting fundraising initiatives in support of the DWF Foundation.