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I also work on international oil pollution issues and was heavily involved in looking into regulatory reviews, including Health and Safety Executive issues, following the Macondo Oil Spill.

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I work closely with Lloyd's, and Lloyd's Market Association, as well as traders, salvors, and ship-owners. I also work on disputes in the construction sector, and have considerable experience in product liability.

Michael Kingston Top 100I have recently been included in the Tanker industry’s Top 50 most influential people for my invaluable work in creating the insurance and regulatory framework required to do business responsibly in the Arctic region.

I was also recently named in the Lloyd’s List 100 2014 as one of the world’s most powerful people in shipping.

I have been named in the Hot 100 2016 by The Lawyer, an annual list of the lawyers who are influencing change across the legal industry and whom “have truly made a difference in the wider business world.”

I recently delivered the first instalment of the new Centennial Commemorations in Irish History lecture series, organised by the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith.  My presentation focused on the sinking of the Lusitania ocean liner on the eve of the 100-year anniversary of the World War One tragedy.

Following are some of the articles I have written or contributed to following my work on Lloyd's Wreck Removal Report and Lloyd's Arctic Report:

February 2015 - International Bar Association 'Finding common ground in the Arctic'

July 2014 – Nautilous Telegraph 'Doing nothing is not an option.'

June 2014 – Nautilous Telegraph  ‘Clear Thinking for Cold Climates.’

19 June 2014 - Insurance Day Costa Concordia: Raising the Wreck

03 June 2014 - Post Magazine Arctic: Coming in from the Cold

19 May 2014 - Insurance Day ‘Northern Exposure: Arctic Opportunities for Marine Underwriters’

17 April 2014 - Lloyd’s List on Wreck Removal and Ratification of Nairobi Convention

15 March 2014 - Lloyd’s of London Press Release (repeated in several papers world wide) following Arctic Ice Conference on 12th March

11 /12 March 2014 - ‘Sustainable Shipping Conference Report’ on Swedish Polar Research Secretariat website and Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

21 January 2014 Post Magazine – regarding Costa Concordia

10 January 2014 - Lloyd’s regarding Cruise Ships in Arctic

08 January 2014 - Lloyd’s List regarding Cruise Ships and referring to the Arctic Marine Best Practice Declaration

02 January 2014 - Lloyd’s List regarding the Nairobi Convention Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention is one step away from ratification. As Malaysia signs up, we ask whether the drive will deliver its desired impact.

28 December 2013 - English Independent regarding Costa Concordia

20 December 2013 - Lloyds’ List regarding International Regulation and the Arctic, which refers to the Polar code: ‘Managing Risk in the Thawing North’ (This article also appeared in a commemorative one-off book to mark the end of Lloyd’s List paper form after 279 years)

9 October 2013 - Lloyd’s List regarding the systems that could be put in place re alarms and the non availability of salvage equipment.  ‘Where there is a Way but no Will’

26 September 2013 – All About Shipping – ‘Hot Topic – shipping sails into troubled waters’