My Expertise

I am credited with having an instinctive ability to recognise an exaggerated claim.

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An associate at DWF, I am recognised by insurer clients as an effective specialist in motor claims by claimants with complex medical histories and causation issues. They also credit me with being able to instinctively recognise an exaggerated claim. After qualifying as a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives whilst working in private practice, I joined Co-Operative Insurance's in-house solicitors in Chancery Lane in 1997, before moving on to Greenwoods in 2001. My notable cases include � Fantoni v Dunscombe (HL May 2000) One of 3 lead cases headed by Dimond v Lovell litigated by Co-Operative Insurance in which the House of Lords held that credit hire agreements which were not compliant with Consumer Credit Act regulations were unenforceable. � El- Hawary v MIB & Others (June 2005) Successful defence of a £10,000 offer where the claimant's pleaded claim exceeded £1.4 million, resulting in a substantial costs recovery from the claimant. When I'm not working, I enjoys spending time with my family cycling along the Thames towpath and through Richmond Park.