Tyrone Jones

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement

An award winning CSR/Diversity specialist my work is built around embedding DWF's values and behaviours to create a culture that supports our strategic direction as a top 20 business law firm, generating value for the business, a great experience for clients and a great place to work for our people.

Mob: +44 (0)7827 805 655


My Expertise

I focus on our people, clients, community & the environment. These are the routes by which we demonstrate and communicate our values and the ways in which these inform our business decisions.

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Delivering an integrated values/CR proposition within DWF my work involves securing and maintaining leadership commitment, ensuring colleague engagement and behavioural competency and building sustainable relationships with a wide range of interested stakeholders.

Firmly embedded within our culture, CR has become "business as usual" at DWF.  To ensure values shape who we are, what we do and how we do it, I along with my team, focus on leadership, values, culture and dialogue to integrate CR excellence in to our day-to day-activities.

I am a seasoned strategic business leader, able to manage a substantial and complex portfolio of programmes from inception to implementation.  My extensive knowledge of designing and delivering effective CR communications and engagement strategies, influences and inspires understanding and behavioural change, which, in turn, delivers measurable positive impact as well as return on investment. 

My commercial approach, twinned with a broad knowledge of external developments and emerging best practice is changing the way the firm operates, harnessing the potential of talented professionals across the firm to deliver positive business outcomes.

I am a member of DWF's Diversity Steering Group.