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Would you and your business be confident in a crisis? What if you had a death on your premises? Television cameras and press outside your office? Get prepared today with our range of crisis management training packages.

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Should your business encounter a crisis management situation, its reputation can hang in the balance. We have seen this recently in the press surrounding the Thomas Cook and Alton Towers incidents, both handled in very different ways.

dwf crisis response offers a range of training packages to help you and your business to be prepared and resilient in the event of an unprecedented crisis situation.

Our crisis management training packages

Crisis management plan – detailed desktop review

A pre-agreed and scoped desktop review of your organisation’s plan. A comprehensive report including proposals and recommendations will be provided.
Price: £950 to £1,495 plus VAT (depending on scope). Contact us to find out more »

Crisis management plan

A bespoke crisis management plan prepared for your organisation. Preparation of the plan will include detailed discussions to ensure that the plan is suitable and tailored to your organisation. This process will include consideration of the specific risk areas and potential commercial and regulatory threats to your organisation, with a functional set of procedures for employees to follow. The plan will address all key requirements of BS11200.
Price: £2,500 to £4,500 plus VAT (depending on scope). Contact us to find out more »

Crisis management training

A full day of interactive crisis management training run by crisis management legal and PR experts. The day will involve developing a crisis scenario based on a health and safety, environmental, suspected abuse claim, competition, data security or other sector-relevant incident and explore how an investigation and its associated issues might unfold. This training will help ensure that everyone is comfortable with various trigger points and key areas of concern surrounding crisis management.
Price: Ranging from £750 - £7,500 plus VAT (depending on scope). Contact us to find out more »

Incident management training

Our incident management training gives you and your employees the crisis planning tools to deal with major incidents. Delivered through an interactive, hands-on workshop we tailor our training to your business and identify how to enhance your existing crisis management processes and procedures. The experience gained from this scenario based workshop will enable your team to gain a feel for what to do during a crisis, as well as how to value the information received and its strategic importance.
Price: Ranging from £750 - £7,500 plus VAT (depending on scope). Contact us to find out more »

Bespoke training for organisations can be arranged on request. Contact us to find out more » 

More about dwf crisis response

dwf crisis response offers a 24 hour, 7 days a week crisis response service. It is free to register for the service and it will provide you with emergency support should a crisis emerge, as well as regular legal updates by email and interactive workshops. Registration is free visit: »

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