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dwf consulting provides clients with advice on practical ways to structure, monitor and manage legal teams to the best effect. Whether you are an owner managed business or a FTSE 100 company we can advise on how to drive efficiency and manage legal spend, whilst maintaining quality and delivering exceptional results for your business.

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Legal Process Review

A fundamental part of improving the efficiency and quality of what you do and driving a better resourcing model is identifying and understanding the processes your legal team follow. Our team of experienced Business and Process Analysts have extensive experience in the legal sector, helping clients to articulate what they do, why they do it and how they can enhance it.

Legal Project Management

Our clear and simple methodology provides your team with the skills to manage a piece of work from initial scope, through to completion, allowing you to manage resourcing, cost and quality, whilst ensuring delivery on time and to budget.

Document Automation

Document automation allows you to produce first drafts of contracts in a fraction of the time with quality assurance guaranteed. This can save your team hundreds of hours a year.

Our work includes helping clients scope, plan and manage automation projects and to build automated questionnaires and approval processes which will help you to pilot this market leading technology. We can also advise on the change management required to ensure you achieve buy-in from your team immediately. 

Legal Sourcing Analysis

Do you have the right methodology in place to decide how your work should be done? Using our simple analytics and your data, we can advise what work should be done in-house and how best to structure your in-house team. We can also advise what work should be outsourced and how best to leverage the work you do outsource. A disciplined analysis of this work could save tens of thousands from your legal budget.

Legal Technology Review

There is often so much more potential to legal software than is currently realised by clients. Using it properly to help you achieve your aims can drive much better MI and well as significant efficiency savings. Our technology experts can audit your current needs and compare them to your current technology. We can also advise how to use your technology better and which other solutions in the market might help you, and also offer training for your team so that they understand the technology you have and use it to its full potential. 

Alternative Delivery Models

Many firms and in-house teams have established a legal process centre, a team focused on carrying out the process elements of their legal work. Based on our own experience we have advised a number of clients on how to:

  • establish the business case
  • identify the work which will be done by that team
  • ensure that the work is done seamlessly as part of the overall service delivery
  • standardise processes
  • build engagement with - and the confidence of -  the other lawyers in your team
  • recruit and retain paralegals
  • design workflow processes which will work for the needs of your team

For more information on any of the above services, please contact Andrew Chamberlain or Jonathan Patterson.

For insurers, our consultancy services also include:

Technical and Operational Strategy Planning

For many years DWF has been the market leader in lawyer partner initiatives. As an extension of this work we have now recruited experts from other fields who work closely with the legal teams to deliver expertise in technical and operational insurance strategy.

These include insurance professionals, BI analysts, clinicians, forensic accountants  and business process experts. Our consultants help our clients to make sure that initiatives work within their particular operating environment and organisational culture. We understand that one size does not fit all. Using DWF consultancy gives you access to multidisciplinary teams which can help you gain competitive advantage. 

Insurance Claims Audit

Working with your claims team we will conduct a thorough independent audit of your claims files.  Once complete we will then report back our findings in relation to case management file handling processes and reserve adequacy.  The audit provides an ‘informed view’ about how files are being managed both internally and externally identifying areas for potential improvement or operational best practice which could be mirrored elsewhere in your operation.

For more information about Insurance Claims Audits, please contact Colin Hammond or Kate Archer or Steffan Groch.

Insurance Fraud: Intelligence

Our team of experts utilise a whole range tools to identify the risk of potential insurance fraud.  We have created a series of web based search and visualisation software products which facilitate the claims screening process, supporting your intelligence team.  Such software can help you detect and reject fraudulent claims without the invest and resources needed to develop you own systems as well as enabling clients to tap into our vast intelligence data base.

For more information about Insurance Fraud Intelligence, please contact Andy Fu or Lisa Sanzeri.


We provide expert legal advice, representation and consultancy services in respect of the use of data from telematics devices, within the claims process.  

We predominantly advise on a broad range of issues that include:

  • Data protection and disclosure
  • Data quality, accuracy and validation
  • Interpretation of GPS and accelerometer data
  • Utilising the data as evidence
  • Designing bespoke claims process including FNOL, MOJ, Liability and Counter Fraud

We help our clients to unlock the power of telematics data at their disposal, to improve claims performance by reducing claims costs and litigation frequency.  

Our specialist Telematics Team includes lawyers, a telematics claims consultant, business process analysts and intelligence analysts.

For more information about Telematics, please contact Paul Chandler or Jamie Taylor.

Examples of recent commissions include:

  • Advising a start-up insurer  on their Target Operating Model 
  • Working  in house within an established insurer  to roadmap their 2016 counter fraud strategy
  • Collaborating with a large insurer to help develop and deliver their fast track Pi strategy (  leading to significant savings)
  • Advising various insurers on cutting edge practice in telematics strategy
  • Working with another large insurer to re-design their direct capture and intervention strategy for TP damage and PI.  
  • Working in house with a global insurer to facilitate delivery of a  new outsource operating model.
  • Providing  various levels of advice regarding  multi-disciplinary clinical and legal approach to rehabilitation strategy at all value levels
  • Working with insurers on their BI analytics strategy and using predictive analysis to inform counter strategy.

Interested in dwf consulting services? Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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I have extensive expertise in acting for UK public sector clients, private international businesses and IT consulting houses on complex and large-scale IT, communications and business transformation projects and e-commerce, cloud computing, data protection and intellectual property matters.

Lorraine Carolan

Partner - National Head of Counter Fraud

I am the National Head of Counter Fraud and a Partner in the Insurance team based in Birmingham


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I am responsible for developing change and innovation that will improve business performance and enhance value for our clients.