dwf sonar claims

Knowing a claimant is beneficial for any claims handler, no matter the case background. Our dwf sonar service verifies claimant information through a comprehensive set of search tools, many of which are not accessible to legal advisers and claims handlers outside of fraud departments.

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How it works

Initial intelligence is completed within five working days of our team receiving an instruction, helping to identify relevant issues from the outset.  Our analysts provide the claims handler or legal advisor with a legally privileged and confidential intelligence report, detailing our conclusions and recommendations. A single point of contact is assigned to discuss, free of charge, how a claim could be managed further.

 Benefits of dwf sonar claims

  • Ascertains the true extent of an injury.
  • Accurately assesses reserve and offers.
  • Assists case handling strategy and tactics.
  • Detects fraud and exaggeration.
  • Helps to validate claims and incapacity.
  • Helps avoid leakage.

A fee cap of only £199 +VAT is applied to each validation report.  In multi-track personal injury claims, where reserves often exceed £50,000, can you afford not to be screening your claimant?

Sonar Claims Cover Shot   View our dwf sonar claims brochure to find out more about our approach, how we use cutting edge technology and an example report based on a dwf sonar claimant validation request.

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Paul Holmes

Partner - Head of Fraud & Technical Insurance (Leeds)

I am Head of Fraud & Technical Insurance in the Leeds office, as well as firm-wide Head of Products for Motor, Fraud, Credit Hire and Resolution Law.


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Intelligence Manager

I am an Intelligence Manager in the Insurance team, based in Liverpool.