dwf sonar underwrite

dwf sonar underwrite profiles companies prior to any policy being offered, helping underwriters to establish any potential business risk. dwf sonar underwrite can help to make an informed decision as to whether to increase a premium or to even offer a policy at all.

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dwf sonar underwrite has been developed to give insurance underwriters greater confidence when underwriting commercial risks such as professional indemnity, public liability and employers liability. Profiling businesses and their principals prior to any policy being offered, dwf sonar underwrite can help underwriters establish any potential business risk at that point in time.  

How it works

Initial intelligence is completed within two working days of our team receiving an instruction. Using background information from a number of different information sources, our analysts provide a legally privileged, confidential and DPA compliant intelligence report, detailing our conclusions and recommendations. 


dwf sonar underwrite enables underwriters to:

  • Obtain key business information with which to make informed underwriting decisions.
  • Understand their customers in more detail.
  • Underwrite Professional Indemnity more confidently, allowing access to riskier markets.
  • Offers a number of options for financial modelling including benchmarking tools, companies house accounts and full forensic analysis.   
Sonar Underwrite Cover Shot View our dwf sonar underwrite brochure to find out more about our approach and how we use cutting edge technology to identify risks.

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I am Head of Fraud & Technical Insurance in the Leeds office, as well as firm-wide Head of Products for Motor, Fraud, Credit Hire and Resolution Law.


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I am an Intelligence Manager in the Insurance team, based in Liverpool.