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          DWF Recover is a complete, affordable debt recovery solution for businesses. You can tailor DWF Recover, choose the whole debt recovery package or tailor the solution to most cost-effectively meet your business needs.

          We will aim to:

          • Reduce your debtor days
          • Improve your cash flow
          • Cut the cost of collection

          Your recovery options

          Collect: We provide a collections service, which may involve a series of tailored letters, telephone calls, emails, faxes and text messages.

          Claim: If payment is not secured via Collect, you can choose to instruct us to proceed to court action. We can help speed up the process of debt litigation through our membership of the County Court Bulk Centre

          Enforce: We can progress to strategic enforcement if a debt remains outstanding, using our debtor profiling and tracing solutions to help locate individuals and any assets that they may have.

          Demand: Serving insolvency demands and utilising insolvency proceedings as a debt recovery tool for maximum impact.

          Technical: You will have access to a specialised legal recoveries team supported by commercial litigation lawyers. Our Technical team also deal with any complex, high value or niche matters.

          Access to a complete suite of interactive management information

          We offer bespoke reporting using our interactive management information software. This ensures you have a clear picture of what is going on within your business and helps prioritise your debt recovery efforts.

          We also provide free access to our leading edge extranet facility. The extranet has a universal application and provides real-time access to your key data relating to your matters.

          Ancillary services

          We also offer a wide range of support services to complement the legal debt recovery process including:

          Trace: For locating absconders and gone away debtors to enable us to continue pursuing them for payment on your behalf.

          Serve: Our nationwide field force can personally serve letters and documents for maximum impact and carry out enquiries.

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          Reduce your debtor days. Improve your cash flow. Cut the cost of collection.

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